Milis Linux 2.0 Git Deposu
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milisarge 0dd765981a sakura 13 hours ago
app-arch minizip 8 months ago
app-crypt sqlcipher 1 month ago
app-misc flameshot 19 hours ago
app-print cups-pdf 1 month ago
app-sys sakura 13 hours ago
app-text qt5-5.15-guncelleme 1 week ago
awesome-widget/vicious#2.3.3-1 vicious 1 year ago
bigdata mesos-java 1 month ago
boot-utils gnu-efi-libs 6 months ago
dev-d/dub#1.20.0-1 dub 7 months ago
dev-db llvm10-toplu 1 month ago
dev-go wireguad 6 months ago
dev-haskell/cabal-bin# cabal-bin 6 months ago
dev-java/icedtea-web#1.8.4-2 icedtea-web 3 months ago
dev-js/mathjax2#2.7.7-1 srain-up 7 months ago
dev-lang chuck 1 month ago
dev-libs qt5-5.15-guncelleme 1 week ago
dev-lua luarocks 5 months ago
dev-ocaml supermin 6 months ago
dev-perl hwinfo 1 month ago
dev-python qt5-5.15-guncelleme 1 week ago
dev-rust/cbindgen#0.14.2-1 cbindgen 5 months ago
dev-util sbt 1 month ago
edu/gcompris-qt#0.97-1 gcompris 6 months ago
game 0ad 1 month ago
kernel-stuff kernel5815 1 week ago
media-libs vlc-up 1 day ago
net-utils qt5-bekleme 1 week ago
riscv pycups 4 months ago
sci-math srain-up 7 months ago
sys-fs worker 8 months ago
test/abcd#2.0-1 abcd 9 months ago
theme midoei 9 months ago
x11-apps xfd 1 week ago
x11-drivers xf86-video-qxl 3 months ago
x11-libs gtk3-up 1 month ago
x11-misc awesome-fonts 1 day ago
x11-qt qt5-bekleme 1 week ago
x11-wm notion 6 days ago
xfce4 xfce4-place-plugin 3 months ago